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U2 - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 8th Mar 14 at 4:00am

About 6 to 9 months before this album came out, I made two posts in a U2 discussion forum. In one of my posts it was about lightning. In another of my posts I made a comment about seeing colors I hadn't seen in a long time after drinking an energy drink. If I ever meet Bono (unlikely), I'm going to ask him what the inspiration was for this song. I'm especially curious about the line "let's see colors that we've never seen".


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Re: U2 - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 12th Jun 17 at 10:11am
I was just at a U2 concert last night for their Joshua Tree tour. It was awesome. Bono and the rest of the band sound better than ever. They mostly played their greatest hits from the Joshua Tree album for 2 hours straight. Best one was Sunday Bloody Sunday. They played this long version of it that I wish I could record and replay. I tried to record but it was too loud for my phone to make sense of the loudness.

Opening band was called One Republic and they were pretty good. I hadn't been to a concert in years so U2 was worth it.


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I've seen them twice. Maybe three times, but I think it was twice. They played a cover of "People Get Ready" the last time and I was lucky enough to find a bootleg recording online. Most of their concerts are recorded. I first saw them in 1983. It was my first date with the girl who married the road manager for Guns & Roses. It was the worst date of my life because the girl was pouting the whole time. She was breaking up with a guy and she was pouting the whole time. I didn't get to really appreciate the show itself. She talked to someone else she didn't know the entire time. I saw them again right after the album with Beautiful Day on it. They were great and Garbage opened... another band I like a lot. My seats were crappy though because most of the floor seats were reserved for radio stations out of town. I was only one row away from being the worst (furthest) seats in the Georgia Dome. The band looked like ants and I was pissed. I'm used to seeing bands in small venues where I am pressed up against the stage itself or barricades. Whichever is closer. I made a decision at that point that I'd never go to another large venue with reserved seating. I think I went to the show by myself because two married friends were unable to get their wives permission to go. I was offering to give either one of them a ticket because U2 was their favorite band. No luck. Somewhere in my room I have an unused ticket. It was a great show though. Someone famous died the week they played in Atlanta, which is probably why they did the cover of "People Get Ready". They don't play it a lot. Hmmm! It was George Harrison who died. Maybe I saw them 3 times because they did a short snippet of one of his songs. My days seeing bands in concert is a blur now. It was so long ago and I hate the hassle now.

When I saw INXS in 1982, I was so close to the stage that the guitarist was dripping sweat on me when he leaned over the crowd and I could've put my hand on the neck of his guitar and ripped it out of his hand. That was like a previous life. It seems so long ago.


Re: U2 - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 14th Jun 17 at 8:25pm
INXS in concert back then must have been awesome.

I see people have been posting the whole U2 show already:

It's the whole 2 hours in this one....the show was crazy stadium fireworks was needed in this tour....the floor stage was shaped into a Joshua Tree.....just them playing the classic songs was great enough.

Smiley Smiley

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I jumped ahead on most songs. I wanted to see if they played "One Tree Hill" and they did. That was a song they only play a few times at most even on the original tour. Overall, the bass is muted or cancelled out... probably because the recording device couldn't handle it. That messes up songs like "Exit". "Exit" is one of my favorite songs despite being very dark. "Ultraviolet" is also one of my favorite songs and they played that also. I really felt like Bono was phoning it in on this recording. I've seen much better live versions.

I saw some footage where Bono was saying he didn't want to record "Beautiful Day" because it sounded too much like their "Joshua Tree" stuff. They are purposely trying to reinvent themselves on every album and I think that's why some of the later ones are just weak. My favorite album of theirs is "Achtung Baby".

I can't imagine any U2 show is going to be bad, but on some shows Bono seems more energetic and motivated. This recording wasn't one of those shows. I guess that after this tour, the rarest performance of an original song will be "The Emperor's New Clothes" from their early years. I think they only played that once live and no studio version has ever been released. With a band like U2, there is probably a complete setlist of every show they've ever played. There is probably a bootleg of every show since the 80's. My friend had a soundboard recording of Atlanta's Joshua Tree concert the year the album came out. I probably have it on a cassette tape somewhere.


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"Exit" live from the Rattle & Hum movie... not on the Rattle & Hum album.


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The Irving Plaza audio from 2000 is excellent quality, but this sounds a little tinny. Probably from the audio compression.