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Star Wars 8 - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 20th Dec 17 at 1:12pm
I saw this one the other day. For the most part I enjoyed it. It's about a hundred times better than Force Awakens which was terrible and not hard to top. It had more adventure in it and some moments I didn't expect and I read the online spoilers before going in. It's basically Carrie Fisher's movie throughout. The newer characters still didn't add much. A little bit of a marathon to sit through because of the running time. Luke Skywalker is a gruffled grizzled Clint Eastwood character in this. Something that goes in the opposite direction of Alec Guiness' character from the first movie. I liked it though. Still there were unanswered questions from the first movie but I don't think it matters anymore since Lucas isn't involved with it. There was some forced humor in this that seemed out of place and not really funny. The side villains are still pretty weak. Nothing memorable on their part. I still want to read George Lucas' story original outline for these sequels.

Re: Star Wars 8 - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 20th Dec 17 at 2:42pm
I pretty much made the decision that I'm not going to go see it. I think everyone liked Star Wars when it first came out. The Empire Strikes Back was visually awesome. From there, I really quit caring. I don't hate any of them. They just bore me. It's too much of a space fantasy and I'm not into fantasy. I'd rather have a hard and technical sci-fi plot. I really don't want to see an old Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia. I don't want to see a bunch of new characters forced on me with the same story settings and world around them.

So.... until there's an Avatar & Star Wars crossover (to fight Hans Ruedi Giger designed Aliens?), I'm okay sitting the rest out.

Of course that's possible now. LOL!


Re: Star Wars 8 - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 22nd Dec 17 at 1:18pm
Mark Hamill politely slams the director.


Re: Star Wars 8 - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 23rd Dec 17 at 12:54pm
He's actually holding back on that one. Here's a collection of good ones:

To me the sequels are fan fiction now. I already got burned by Force Awakens so Last Jedi was like who cares at this point. I think I enjoyed it more because I cared less going in about it.

I'm surprised people aren't shitting on Force Awakens more which was a cheesy remake and this one at least gave Luke and Leia more screen time. The mystery of the Snoke villain was wiped away in 2 seconds in this one. That was kinda cool since I didn't find him an interesting villain in the first place.

Re: Star Wars 8 - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 23rd Dec 17 at 1:51pm
I'm actually doing nothing right now. I could go see it, but nothing about seeing it excites me. He knows Luke better than anyone. He should have been included in decisions made about the characters. I think it is fan fiction now and I think it's no better than fan fiction. I think the prequels got a little too political, but I would still have preferred that George Lucas tell the story. I suspect that 20 years from now when the franchise has been milked of everything it can make, the George Lucas' script notes will be pulled out of a dusty drawer and be revisited and the canon of what we know will be rebooted for further milking. .