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Aquaman (2018) - Posted By Gene Yas (gene) on 9th Dec 18 at 11:00am
It's getting close to release date.

Re: Aquaman (2018) - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 9th Dec 18 at 12:20pm
The contents sound very cliche.
I'm not really excited about the character or the trailer.


Re: Aquaman (2018) - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 27th Dec 18 at 12:50pm
I saw this yesterday and it was more boring than I thought it would be.
The pacing was slow for the most part. It's a DC hero, so they have to be hung up on their mother the entire movie. Except with this movie, the villain has a mother hang-up also.
The action scenes were too busy and distracting. I grew tired of watching everyone swim in every scene. Stupid scenes like the "ring of fire" made no sense. Why is the water not boiling?

The cliche buzz phrases wore thin. The same typical "We need you to unite the kingdoms" crap. The overall story was just boring. Is this Geoff John's typical writing?

I give the movie a 5 out of 10 because it flat out bored me. I went into the movie thinking I'd rank it a 7. No such luck. I think I would have liked Bumblebee better and I'm not a Transformers fan.