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Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 2nd Oct 17 at 5:42am
Most of my site updates are on hold. Firefox disabled all legacy extensions and my FTP program of choice is an extension that is no longer functional.


Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 27th Oct 17 at 10:00pm
I'm able to use my Firefox FTP Add-On with an old version of the Seamonkey browser, so I am able to update pages by FTP. I still need to migrate some login data. Overall though, I just haven't been too motivated. I had extra money at the last comic book show I attended, but there wasn't anything I wanted. If anything did pique my curiosity, it was priced beyond what it was worth to me.

I have a lot of time off in the coming months. I taking more days off, but working long hours on the days I do work. I was off today (Friday) and I don't go back to work until next Wednesday. I have no motivation to update web pages. The messageboard has been very slow loading. There appears to be some name server issues or the hosting server just isn't responding. Last time I had a long delay in the site loading, I pinged it and did a tracer route before it loaded. I never really saw what created the delay. I'm inclined to believe that the host of this board is going to let it go belly up. I have no real motivation to start it all from scratch again or go back to proboards. If it's slowed down, it's because I'm bored with it again.


Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 27th Nov 17 at 11:57pm
The world is changing. The Internet is changing faster. It's no longer a wide open world to explore. Everything comes with a price now. News sites beg you to turn off your ad blocker or beg for money like a vagrant. The free web hosting is fading into the sunset. Message boards are dying and being replaced by social media sites that give more shallow snippets of information. If this board dies, I have no plans to restart it elsewhere. I have no plans to reopen the old board. As the free hosts start drying up, I don't plan on looking for any new hosts. This was all a hobby. It wasn't a "get rich on comics" scheme. It was all for sharing information. I remember sitting in my office back in 1998 and looking at all the slimy ways that advertisers were trying to force you to view their ads online. I had a vision of all the free information being held hostage and sites requiring membership or passwords to share information. I had a vision of all the advertisers forcing you to view ads before you could see content. I was saddened. I knew that what I was looking at would not last. I knew that information sharing was going to be held back so that making money could be the primary objective. Things could have been different, but the vision I saw then is coming to pass.

This guy was younger than me, but he got it. I keep this video posted on Facebook, because he got it. He didn't understand how much he threatened the system.


Re: Site updates - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 28th Nov 17 at 11:30am
I've been getting the blank loading screen too 90 percent of the time I try to log in and post the passed week. Hard to reply to anything. Lucky now to get one post in.

It's like the phone companies too. My phone was working fine until they forced a software update on it. Constant pop ups to install it and I did it by accident just by picking it up. I was content with my old phone and now it's like ransomware to upgrade to a new shittier phone because of the new "update/virus" they force and send out to these older phones can't handle it. My phone is a few years old and it can't handle the new update so it's basically now a battery drainer with features I never asked for/used and now don't have the option to turn off. Great scam to push sales for xmas!

Side note, the old proboards i've used have been somewhat ok for now. Maybe once in a few months it'll go blank for the loading screen. After the photobucket purge of July, i'm not into this whole ransomware scene at all. They can shove it.


Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 28th Nov 17 at 7:17pm
I will not use proboards again because of the stupid interface. It reminds me of the interface in this video.

On a positive note, the site that hosts my DEFIANT site is getting the best reviews online and they never nagged me to upgrade to a pay service. I just have to remember to log in once a month.


Re: Site updates - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 28th Nov 17 at 7:28pm
Mike judge is a genius. It definitely looks like that.


Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 2nd Dec 17 at 1:38am
Well, no improvements. I would have expected things to get better or go offline completely.


Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 2nd Dec 17 at 4:54pm
I've located the support admin's email address and sent him an email. Hopefully, I'll get a response.

Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 7th Dec 17 at 10:29pm
It's a little slow, but I'm not getting errors. I've worked 28 hours in the last 2 days. I'm trying to get caught up because I only work 6 more days this year. The rest is paid time off & weekends.


Re: Site updates - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 8th Dec 17 at 11:45am
I haven't seen the loadtime errors in awhile. It was bad last week but this week seems better.

Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 8th Dec 17 at 5:33pm
I'm starting to think it was a spam attack coinciding with black friday. It's like the server was overloaded with traffic. The support forum was flooded with spam and it usually doesn't get spam. Also, my spam filters are probably using intense server processing because I'm blocking hundreds of IP addresses, email addresses, and keywords. Most of the boards that still exist at these site closed down or require admin approval to register.

We had a mini-snowpocalypse. I worked 7 hours and it took me 3-1/2 hours to drive home. Normally it takes about an hour and 5 minutes. I was having to sit through traffic lights 4 times. It was 15 miles of slush and 15 miles of wet rain. I should have left early, but I'd worked 12 hours of overtime in 2 days. I didn't want to convert it to straight time. We are amazingly far behind. i've never seen so much material being received. We have about 25 welded cabinets to inspect and half of those take 2 hours a piece to uncrate. If Idid nothing else, there's about 50 hours backlog of work to do which is over and above my weekly obligations. I guess it'll be waiting for me in January, because I only work 5 more days this year. {Smile} It was preapproved vacation a couple of months ago. {Tongue Out}


Re: Site updates - Posted By vikingspawn (vikingspawn) on 9th Dec 17 at 11:37am
I'm starting to see the remnants of the storm come down here in the form of rain now. The winds are strong. It's supposed to be in the 40s later tonight. I was hoping to kick my lousy cold in these next 24 hours. {Angry}

Posting seems to have gotten easier here. No blank loading pages. The black Friday timing makes sense.

Re: Site updates - Posted By Defiant1 (admin) on 9th Dec 17 at 3:21pm
When I left work at 12:30 PM yesterday, there was about 3" of snow on the side mirror. Today, there was another 2.5" on it. I know there was some melting. I'd say we got at least 6" of snow. That's uncommon for us. Normally we get sleet or freezing rain. The sun finally came out today, so most of the roads are clear, unless it a shaded side street. It's supposed to get down to the 20's so black ice tonight is likely.

When I started getting spam, I clicked on so other vforums and saw that almost all the other messageboards were overrun with spam and abandoned. Some required admin approval for registration and I suspect that they were abandoned also.